Richie has been involved in the entertaiment world for over 24 years. A now recognisable and much loved face in TV, Theatre and Pantomime.


In 2012 Richie became a household name when he appeared on the hit TV Shows “The Voice of Ireland”, “Celebrity Bainisteior” & most recently “The Beo Show” In the past 2 year he has had four Top 10 hits in the iTunes Charts with “One Voice”, “Song for Lilly Mae”, “Gimme One More Chance” & “Oh Julie” .Following the success of his Album “What About Me” his New Album “A New Road” has just been released. 


This seasoned entertainer fronted the world famous Jury’s Irish Cabaret along with tours of America & Canada including Caribbean Cruises. A host of Musicals and Pantomime’s over 15 years at The Gaiety Theatre, Dublin and Limerick’s UCH


He has worked as a session vocalist on many albums with Johnny McEvoy, Ronnie Drew, Tommy Fleming, The Irish Tenors, Andy Cooney, Tony Kenny, & various TV & Radio Jingles.


Richie is no stranger to directing and producing having directed various musicals, Pantomimes and Variety Shows over the last 10 years.


Film & TV


Company            Part                           Production                      Director

RTE                     Guest                         Swipe TV                         Various

RTE                     Mentor                      The Beo Show                 Pat Cowap

RTE                     Davy Fitzgerald        Gaa All Star Awards       Various 

Animo/RTE        Celebrity Coach        Celebrity Bainisteoir        Animo

RTE                     Interview                   The Late Late Show        Pat Cowap 

RTE                     Singer/Runner Up    The Voice of Ireland        Shinawil

idat                      Postman                    Turkle                               Jane Clancy




Theatre                                 Part                                     Production                                  Director


UCH Limerick                      Gascraic                              Beauty & the Beast                    Karl Harper

UCH Limerick                      Tickles                                 Sleeping Beauty                         Karl Harper 

UCH Limerick                      Unbelievable Man              Jack & The Beanstalk                Karl Harpur

Theatre Royal Waterford    Princeton                            Avenue Q                                    Richie Hayes

UCH Limerick                      Wishee Washie                   Aladdin                                       Karl Harpur

UCH Limerick                      Buttons                                Cinderella                                   Karl Harpur

National Tour                      Davy Fitzgerald                   All Star Wars                              Bryan Flynn

The Gaiety Theatre             Achew Crusoe                     Robinson Crusoe                       Daryn Crosbie

Cork Opera House              Davy Fitzgerald                   All Star Wars                              Bryan Flynn

The Gaiety Theatre            Wishee Washie                     Aladdin                                       Daryn Crosbie

Olympia Theatre                Wayne Rooney                      Macbecks (Workshop)              David Bolger

The Gaiety Theatre            Slow Sean                            Jack & The Beanstalk                Daryn Crosbie

National Concert Hall        Annas                                   Jesus Christ Superstar              Stephen Hill

The Gaiety Theatre             Buttons                                Cinderella                                    Carole Todd

The Helix Theatre               Samuel                                The Pirates of Penzance            Bryan Flynn

The Gaiety Theatre             Tricky Ricky                         Beauty & the Beast                    Carole Todd    

Cork Opera House              Various                                 Magic of the Musicals                Bryan Flynn

SFX Theatre                        Tommo Kavanagh               The Wiremen                              Michael Scott

The Gaiety Theatre             Various(Guest)                     All I Wanna do is Dance             Lorriane Barry

The Gaiety Theatre             Soft Sean                             Jack & the Beanstalk                 Carole Todd

The Theatre Royal              Ko Ko                                    The Hot Mikado                           David Hayes

Cork Opera House              Sancho Panza                      Man of La Mancha                      Marion Wyatt

The Gaiety Theatre             Buttons                                 Cinderella                                    Daryn Crosbie

The Abbey Theatre             Rodger/Little Aminadab     She Stoops to Conquer              Patrick Mason

Bewleys Cafe Theatre        Tommy Mims                        Crabbed Youth & Age                 Michael J Ford

The Gaiety Theatre             Kermit                                   Sleeping Beauty                          Alan Stanford

The Gaiety Theatre             Windy                                    Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs       Alan Stanford

Cork Opera House              Scarecrow                             Wizard of Oz                                Marion Wyatt

The Gaiety Theatre            Wishee Washie                      Aladdin                                         Michael Scott

Theatre Royal                     Artful Dodger                        Oliver                                            Bryan Flynn



(Richie has recorded a number of albums to date listed below)

Go the Distance                     Independent            2005

Youthfully Irish                      Independent            2007

A Little Laughter & Song      Independent            2009

One Voice (Single)                  Universal                 2012        Charted at Number 2 

What About Me                       Dolphin Records     2012

A New Road                             Independent           2013


(Richie also has worked as a session vocalist for various artist, movies and Productions)


Tommy Fleming

Celtic Tenors

Ella Enchanted (Disney)

Liam O Connor

Johnny McEvoy

Noel V Ginity

The HaPenny Bridge (The Point Depot)




Menopause the Musical                            UK Tour (2016 & 2017)

Beauty & the Beast                                    Theatre Royal, Waterford

Sleeping Beauty                                         Theatre Royal, Waterford

Jack and the Beanstalk                             Theatre Royal, Waterford

Sugar                                                           Navan MS

Legally Blonde The Musical                      Rathoath Musical Society

Menopause The Musical                            Irish National Tour (2 Tours 2015/2016)

Cinderella                                                    Theatre Royal, Waterford

Aladdin                                                         Theatre Royal, Waterford

Big Top Extravaganza (Variety Show)       Fossetts Big Top

Sleeping Beauty                                          Theatre Royal, Waterford

Avenue Q                                                      Theatre Royal, Waterford

Fiddler on the Roof                                     The Venue, Rathoath, Meath

Guys & Dolls                                                Theatre Royal Waterford

Hairspray (School Edition)                         Theatre Royal Waterford

Seussical The Musical                                Theatre Royal Waterford

Annie                                                             Theatre Royal Waterford

Wonderous Emporium (Variety Show)       Fossetts Big Top

Sunday Night at The Royal                          Theatre Royal Waterford

Avenue Q                                                       Solitsc Arts Center, Navan


Also Several Variety Show which where performed by the Students of my Stageschool as their end of Year Showcase Performances